Microfibers from synthetic clothing are filling our wardrobes and the environment

Photo: Luxy Images/Getty Images

A young woman wearing heather gray joggers and a matching oversized sweatshirt is walking a blond Chihuahua. The dog is clipped to a royal blue leash and dressed in a royal blue tracksuit. Its ears protrude from a slouchy hood that pools around its twiglike neck, and what looks like the Adidas logo wraps around its narrow body. Upon closer inspection, the brand is actually Adidog, an athletic/leisurewear line for dogs. The Chihuahua makes a stop and lifts a leg; the woman pulls at its leash before it finishes. …

Ariel Wodarcyk

I like writing longform culture, profile, and feature pieces. Occasionally I write short fiction stories too. You can find me on any social media @arielwodo.

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